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Japanese college schoolgirl hottie Aino Kishi is home from her school and still wearing her sexy and cute schoolgirl uniform and her beigh sweater, her plad skirt, the works!!! She goes inside her house and hikes up her lil miniskirt showing off her little white panties and takes off her shirt to show her white bra and revealing her tiny little japanese petite body, such a cutie she is! Aino Kishi is a single girl and possibly looking for a boyfriend someday, maybe it will be you!!!!! She takes off her bra and she’s teasing her little boobs, pushing them together trying to make them look bigger, Aino, just relax, your tits are small, but they are freaking PERFECT!!! We love them!!!

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9 thoughts on “Cute japanese av college schoolgirl Aino Kishi gravure photos”

  1. You might want to put up a 2257 compliance statement for the photos you took of Aino Kishi. The police have been cracking down recently. You just need an address where they can contact you to see your records with Aino Kishi’s age and photo ID. Hopefully you got that info when you photographed her. You might want to be careful about the schoolgirl uniforms too. You should probably say it’s a college outfit.

  2. Thanks man, I’ll make sure jsex and idols69 have their photo ID’s and 2257 ready 🙂 Thanks for looking out

    But also, Aino Kishi is about 22 years old now, she’s a lot older than she looks that’s for sure

  3. What s more better than Aino Kishi Jessica Kizaki Miyuki Yokoyama in one video that s 7 hours and 40 minutes long? Aino Kishi was once a glamorous model before her JAV debut but everyone was delighted to see her jump in to JAV.

  4. I am angry as hell! I am a HUGE Aino fan and I have discovered a FRAUDULENT crook posing as Aino. He/she is using an email IP oiginating from the Philippines. The IP is His/her scam is trying to get people to send $200 to a Guy named ‘Jerome Castro’. It seems his ‘eifr needs the money to have a baby. We all know Aino would NOT be a part of this! I hope they hang the idiot!!!

  5. Jimmy, and why would you want the photo ID of Aino Kishi? That’s not too cool to be giving that out

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